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The dynamic changes of soil physical and chemical properties of 4 kinds of cultivated land in the west of Sichuan basin during the initial period (2003~2005) were analyzed and studied by the method of location observation. The results showed that: as a result of forest (bamboo) + grass model taking into account both the economic and ecological benefits, in the initial stage of the initial disturbance of human disturbance, soil physical and chemical properties of the state of instability. In 2004, after the cessation of fertilization, the total amount of soil nutrients in the 4 modes was decreased, and ammonium nitrogen, available phosphorus and available potassium increased in different degrees. During the study period, the accumulation of soil organic matter and soil physical properties were not improved, and the pH values were decreased in general. There are some differences in the physical and ralph Lauren Australia chemical properties between different models. Comprehensive evaluation of the soil fertility showed that the farmland is forest soil IFI value: affinis + Hemarthria compressa (0.665)% 26gt; Pleioblastus + Hemarthria compressa (0.601)% 26gt; light Betula luminifera + Hemarthria polo Ralph Lauren Australia Head Office compressa (0.423)% 26gt; support green Hybrid Bamboo + Hemarthria compressa (0.347). Considering the restoration also forest ecological, economic and social benefits that affinis + Hemarthria compressa and polo Ralph Lauren Australia Myer Pleioblastus + Hemarthria compressa is the area worthy of promotion of ecological and economic function of both and with sustainable management of returning farmland to forest. Therefore, it is of great significance to use the appropriate conversion of Polo Ralph Lauren Australia farmland to forest pattern, and with scientific management technology, to the area of ecological construction and economic development.